• Service times

    Services times are:

    Saturday night 7:30 pm for our Chinese/English service. (Pastor Daniel Choi.)

    Sunday 10 am for our English language service (Senior Pastor Jeff Whittaker).

    Sunday 11:30 am for our Chinese (Mandarin) language service. (Pastor Daniel Choi.)

  • Contact details…

    Physical and postal address:
    4 Inverary Avenue,
    Auckland 1023,


    (0064 9) 6306010

    Rev. Jeff Whittaker
    Pastor Daniel Choi

  • Church Officers…

    Church Treasurers: Christina King and Li Ying

    Church Secretary: Margaret Whittaker

    Church Deacons: Anne Bartley, Ian de Stigter, Kristy Choi, Willa Hui, Donglan Zhang and Alfred Zhou.

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Wisdom on offer…

Wisdom literature makes up a significant part of the Bible. Books such as Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job fall into this genre. The wisdom presented can be considered to be good common sense, what we might call ‘right-handed wisdom.’ Although often not recognized as such, Jesus was a wisdom teacher. The wisdom he taught is a little different from the common sense variety, sometimes having similarities to the challenging koans of Zen Buddhism. We could call this ‘left-handed wisdom.’ [Cynthia Bourgeault’s ‘The Wisdom Jesus: Transforming Heart and Mind – A new Perspective on Christ and his Message’ is a great introduction to Jesus and his wisdom message.] Clearly, Christians are expected to be impacted by the wisdom content of the Bible. But should we expect the halls of higher learning to consider traditional wisdom while teaching physics, engineering, or accountancy. This is the question posed in a recent issue of Times Higher Education.

Time to restore wisdom to higher education?

The lead article is penned by Steven Schwartz, vice-chancellor of Macquarrie University, Sydney. He writes: … Studying drama would not have prevented financiers devising the complicated financial derivatives that plunged the world into crisis, but if they had been familiar with Faust they might have thought twice about the consequences of their actions. Being able to quote Shelley will not help politicians get elected (certainly not in Australia) but studying Ozymandias might make them more humble and thoughtful about their accomplishments. Literary critic Northrop Frye argued that because of its centrality to Western culture, the Bible should be studied by those in institutions of higher learning. Let me add my voice to those who commend this. Of course any wisdom course will need to cover much more than what the Bible teaches, and draw on all the great religions and philosophies. My real challenge, though, is aimed at Christians. Let’s stop reading the Bible in mind-closing one-dimensional ways, and explore its great – and varied – wisdom content.

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