• Service times

    Services times are:

    Saturday night 7:30 pm for our Chinese/English service. (Pastor Daniel Choi.)

    Sunday 10 am for our English language service (Senior Pastor Jeff Whittaker).

    Sunday 11:30 am for our Chinese (Mandarin) language service. (Pastor Daniel Choi.)

  • Contact details…

    Physical and postal address:
    4 Inverary Avenue,
    Auckland 1023,


    (0064 9) 6306010

    Rev. Jeff Whittaker
    Pastor Daniel Choi

  • Church Officers…

    Church Treasurers: Christina King and Li Ying

    Church Secretary: Margaret Whittaker

    Church Deacons: Anne Bartley, Ian de Stigter, Kristy Choi, Willa Hui, Donglan Zhang and Alfred Zhou.

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Peace is a popular idea, but rather more difficult to achieve. Peace is more than the absence of open conflict, and cannot be militarily imposed. In the Bible, this paradoxical state of affairs can be seen in the second horseman of the apocalypse (from Revelation 6). This figure displayed to the seven churches of Revelation the true nature of the vaunted Pax Romana, that the Pax Romana was not a condition of peace but a state of civil order imposed through continual state-sponsored bloodshed.

In our day, the same illusory ‘peace’ can be seen in numerous places around the world. For example, the peace and order claimed by the Assad regime in Syria is clearly achieved – if in fact it is there at all – only by the violent suppression of popular dissent. There is also the Pax Chinese, imposed on the population of Tibet despite agitation in Tibet and indeed around the world. And also there is the Pax Americana, declaring democracy for Iraq even while that country has no choice but clandestine warfare to express its disagreement.

Pax Americana. (How many other countries could put their military in place of the central figure, and declare the same?)

What does this mean for peaceful New Zealand? Are we such a peaceful society that we can take the moral high ground, and point out the failings of others? Why then is it that our social stability can only be maintained by incarcerating an increasing percentage of our society? And what did Jesus – the Prince of Peace – mean when he said that he didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword? Maybe we all need to be slower to claim peace, and more ready to own the violence that lurks so naturally within us all.

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